lip augmentation surgery

LIP AUGMENTATION (Lip Enhancement)

Many women desire bigger lips for a sexier, fuller appearance. Those who have thin lips due to their genetics or due to aging can benefit from lip augmentation. While soft tissue injectables provide a temporary solution to this problem, women who wish to achieve a more permanent augmentation of the lips may want to consider Permalips™

The Permalips™ procedure is performed using the patient's own tissues as a graft, which is obtained from within the hairline in the region of the ear. It is then placed through inconspicuous incisions on the inside of the lip. This procedure creates a very soft and natural feeling, and eliminates the need for repeated injections over time.

Permalips™ causes little discomfort, which can be relieved with pain medication. Some mild bruising and swelling is common after surgery and usually subsides within two to four weeks. In women, cosmetics can be applied after the sutures are removed. Activities that may elevate the blood pressure are recommended to be avoided during the first two weeks, such as heavy lifting.

Permalips™ is well suited to be performed in an accredited outpatient SurgiCenter; however, in patients with more significant surgical needs or those with other medical problems, the surgery will be performed in the hospital. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or with general anesthesia.

Lip augmentation procedures are frequently performed each year. Even with this in mind, you should be aware of the potential complications and specific risks that are associated with lip augmentation. Postoperative complications such as delayed healing, nerve damage, infection, or localized collections of blood are uncommon. Also a rare possibility is the development of uneven upper and lower lips and firmness in the lips. In order to help prevent complications from arising, smokers should be aware that smoking is strongly discouraged the four weeks before and after lip augmentation. It is essential that patients closely stick to Dr. McKane's instructions on follow-up care during the healing process.

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