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Once you decide that you want to undergo an aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the next step is to choose your surgeon. This is a vital decision, and patients must determine that their surgeon is competent and qualified to perform his or her surgery. Unfortunately, there are many unqualified practitioners that claim to be a “cosmetic” surgeon; therefore, it can be very difficult to determine what a surgeon’s qualifications really are. Beware of deceptive advertising that gives the patient a false impression of the doctor and his or her credentials. When evaluating a potential surgeon, we recommend that you ask all of the following questions:

  1. Are you a board-certified Plastic Surgeon? If not, what medical specialty are you board-certified in?
    It is imperative that you determine that your physician is certified by a board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the only ABMS-recognized board that certifies surgeons to perform cosmetic procedures of the head and neck, trunk, and extremities. You may confirm that your physician is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon by going to the ABMS website: If your “surgeon” reports to being a dermatologist, a family practitioner, or an internist, you should understand that it is likely that he or she has never completed a surgical residency. Therefore, it is unlikely that he or she is adequately trained in the necessary anatomy, surgical techniques, resuscitation, and the management of surgical complications. Dr. McKane is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and has completed additional fellowship training specifically in the area of cosmetic and microvascular surgery.
  2. What facility do you have privileges to perform my procedure in? Is this facility accredited?
    Every surgery procedure performed by your surgeon should be done in an accredited center where he or she has privileges to perform the surgery. This can be either in a hospital or an outpatient surgical center. If the center is accredited, you can rest assured that it has met or exceeds the requirements established by an oversight agency for sterility, technique, recovery, and patient safety. Furthermore, if your surgeon has privileges in a hospital to perform your surgery, you can be reasonably confident that he or she has completed appropriate training in surgery and has demonstrated proficiency in the procedure. Dr. McKane performs surgery at Medical City Dallas, Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, North Central Surgical Center, STAR Medical Center, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southlake, and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flowermound.  
  3. Do you have hospital operating room privileges, which will allow you to manage my problem in the event that I want my procedure performed in a hospital or if I experience a complication?
    Unfortunately, complications can occur following surgery; therefore, it is imperative that you determine who will care for you following your procedure. Significant complications may require a hospital admission and potential surgery. Find out if your surgeon has privileges in a hospital to take care of your problem, considering hospitals will not give operating room privileges to physicians who are not appropriately trained in surgery. To your benefit, Dr. McKane has operating room and admitting privileges at Medical City Dallas, Presbyterian Hostpial Dallas, North Central Surgical Center, STAR Medical Center, Texas Health harris Methodist Hospital Southlake, and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Flowermound.
  4. Is a medical evaluation part of my preoperative workup?
    Dr. McKane performs a thorough medical evaluation before your surgery. Appropriate laboratory studies will be ordered and additional consultations with a medical physician may be advised.
  5. Will I be informed?
    Dr. McKane will spend as much time as you need discussing the nature, benefits, alternatives, and risks of your surgery. You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions to which these will be fully answered before surgery.
  6. Who administers anesthesia during my operation?
    Dr. McKane’s primary concern during your procedure is safety. He does not feel that it is appropriate to perform your surgery as well as be the physician who administers the anesthesia. Therefore, anesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist or a licensed nurse anesthetist. This allows Dr. McKane to concentrate on your surgery and to give you the best result possible
  7. What is the extent of your medical and Plastic Surgery training?
    Dr. McKane has trained extensively at one of the finest programs in the country for general surgery and for Plastic Surgery. He is board-certified by the ABPS, and has also sought advanced training in microsurgery and cosmetic surgery procedures of the head and neck, breast, body, and extremities. He has performed surgery now for over 10 years.
  8. Is there more than one technique for my surgery? Which one will you be using?
    During your consultation, Dr. McKane will have an in-depth conversation with you about the technique that he uses for your specific procedure. He attends meetings and continues to educate himself regarding the field of Microsurgery and  aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This allows him to recommend and perform the most up-to-date techniques for your procedure.
  9. What is the length of my surgical procedure?
    The length of your surgery is procedure-dependent, and Dr. McKane will be happy to discuss this with you during the consultation process.
  10. What should I expect of the recovery period following my surgery?
    The recovery period following surgery depends on the type of surgery that is performed. Dr. McKane will be happy to discuss average recovery periods for the procedure that you have selected during the consultation process.
  11. Will I receive instruction sheets pre- and post-operation?
    Dr. McKane will provide you with preprinted instruction sheets during the consultation process. These will include information about your preparation for surgery, medications to take and to avoid, instructions about eating and bathing before surgery, and instructions for after surgery.
  12. May I see before and after photographs of previous patients?
    Dr. McKane provides patients an opportunity to see before and after pictures of the procedures that he performs. You will have an opportunity to see incisions at various points of healing. This will give you greater insight to the procedure you are considering, and if it is appropriate for your needs. You may also view before and after photographs of Dr. McKane’s patients in the photo gallery featuring right here, on this website.
  13. Do you have any patients that would be willing to discuss their surgery?
    Dr. McKane has several patients who are willing to speak to new patients about their experiences and their surgery. He is happy to make arrangements that will allow you to obtain as much information as you need when determining which procedure and which surgeon is right for you.

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