Total Body Lift

Total body lift (Belt Lipectomy)

Significant excess abdominal skin as well as thigh and buttock tissue descent can develop following massive weight loss. To fully address these problems, a circumferential contouring procedure may be necessary in some patients. This procedure is called a total body lift or a belt lipectomy. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with liposuction surgery for optimal results.

Total body lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia in the hospital. Most patients spend one or two nights recovering in the hospital following surgery. During this procedure, redundant skin is removed using a low transverse incision that extends circumferentially around the torso. The incision is designed to hide within the underwear or bikini, and sutures can be placed at the time of surgery to improve laxity of the abdominal wall. At the same time, sagging thigh and buttock tissues are lifted and supported as well. In patients with a cesarean section scar, the total body lift incision can be used to improve the appearance of the scar. Plication sutures can be placed in the abdominal wall beneath the skin to improve muscular laxity. If patients have extra skin only, this may be all that is needed. For patients who have some fatty deposits, the surgery may be combined with liposuction.  

Recovery following a total body lift varies with each patient. However, most patients are able to resume most normal activities within two weeks after surgery. Elastic garments and massage are used to help control swelling after the surgery. Total body lift scars will undergo a period of maturation that typically lasts a year or more.

Belt lipectomy, just like any other Plastic Surgery procedure, involves potential risks and side effects. Therefore, it is important that you be aware of these possible problems. The more frequent postoperative complications include infection, bleeding, hematoma, and seroma. Additional problems associated with a total body lift surgery are swelling, migration of the scar, and blood clots. Smoking is not allowed for four weeks prior to surgery and four weeks after surgery, which is to help prevent further complications from arising. Your risks can be minimized by closely following Dr. McKane’s advice on care during the healing period.

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